Android Strip Poker

The company mFortune brings strip poker to the Android market, allowing players to enjoy a casino-like environment from the comfort of their own phones. Android strip poker brings the fun and excitement of poker with the added bonus of attractive models showing a little bit of skin if you win. The graphics are high quality, so every move and every pose can be seen without any discrepancies. Players have the opportunity to bet real money and win real prizes in their pursuit to undress their model. The game is male and female friendly, providing an exciting experience for anyone who plays.

Sexy Poker is a complete Android casino app. Downloading the app only takes a couple of minutes on a high-speed connection, and once downloaded the app runs perfectly smoothly on an Android phone. Because the app was specifically designed for an Android mobile phone, each picture shows up crystal clear without any major graphical errors. Players can choose to play the demo for free or download the full app and bet real money in their pursuit to win prizes and the chance to see their model lose an article of clothing. There are both male and female models, so anyone of any sexual preference can enjoy the game of strip poker to their liking. Sexy Poker is designed with the player in mind, so unlike traditional casino poker settings, there is no dealer or other players to decrease your chances of winning; it’s only you, the cards, and your very own personal model.

Sexy Poker works in the same way that traditional poker does. Players place their bets before any cards are dealt, and afterwards five cards will be drawn. Players then have to decide what cards they want to keep and what cards they want to discard. If they draw a winning hand, the player will be awarded money based on the poker odds chart at the bottom of the screen. As an added bonus, each time you win, you will see more revealing poses as the model removes an article of clothing each time.