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If you are wondering about exactly what a cookie is and saying to yourself that you enjoy both sugar and chocolate chips in yours, then we first need to educate you regarding them. A cookie is a text file that is transferred to your computer or mobile device each time that you visit a particular website or application from an internet source. The cookies allow for fast diagnostics to determine your unique features each time you visit. The reason for the cookies is that they allow a website to remember all the intricacies regarding you, your likes and personal details when you visit. The goal is to customize the experience and make the customer service seamless for users. uses the analytics of cookies to remain at the head of the class when it comes to the online gaming experience or for users of mobile devices. The information gathered from using cookies allows us to better understand the behavior of our customers on our website. This information allows us to make changes to optimize your experience each time you visit. The analytics allow us to see which portions of the website are most visited and how long people stay on particular places of the website. In turn, it also allows us to see which areas are not visited often or visited for short periods of time. With this information, we can best ascertain which areas to put our energy toward and which areas that need to be either refined or extinguished to enhance the experience for our users.

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